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water by numbers

Water once a week in March. Water twice a week in April and May. Water three times a week in June, July and August. Water twice a week in September and October. Water once a week in November. Here are … Continue reading

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Did your plants survive the winter?

If you’re plant lost all its leaves or all the leaves turned brown, don’t immediately go replace it.  You’re plant may still be alive.  With a bit of patience and care, your plant may recover.  If you would prefer immediate … Continue reading

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Lush Xeriscaping

Most people’s perceive xeriscaping as boring, stark, sparse, just a sea of gravel.  That’s a bad stereotype. You can actually xeriscape your yard and make it feel lush, colorful and beautiful. In New Mexico, your xeric plant choices are beautiful … Continue reading

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Memorial Day is right around the corner…

That means it’s time to fertilize! Well-established and healthy trees may not need much supplemental feeding, but fertilizing smaller trees and shrubs is very important. Your payback will include better resistance to disease and insects, improved flowering, and much quicker … Continue reading

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